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Over the centuries leprosy affected persons have been stigmatized, Misconceptions, deformities, non-availability of effective medicines were some of the reasons. Society & family members segregated them from the main stream.

Leprosy affected persons have left no option but to take shelter either in Asylums or in leprosy self-settled colonies. Law also discriminates affected persons. Indian Acts are having derogatory provisions against affected persons. As a result many of them are living in miserable conditions.

Issues identified:

  • Ownership of land, Housing
  • Lack of civic amenities,
  • Education to children
  • Human Rights issues
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Apathy in implementation of Government Welfare Schemes.
  • This initiative helped to have a networking with the leprosy colonies. To improve the conditions of leprosy affected persons the National Forum India was registered as a public trust in the year 2011.