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  • Petition was filed before Rajya Sabha Petition Committee of Parliament.
  • Government has taken action on the recommendations of the committee.
  • Civic amenities are being provided to leprosy colonies on the intervention of Human Right commission.
  • More than 90% cases were referred to Human Right Commission and were decided in favour of affected persons.
  • Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was submitted to Supreme Court of India, seeking amendments in the provisions of the derogatory Acts.
  • Odisha State Government amended Local Panchayat Election Act.
  • Leprosy affected persons are being invited in decision making processes at Government level.
  • Voice of the affected persons is now being heard at various levels.
  • WHO has published guidelines on strengthening participation of affected persons in leprosy services, these guidelines were translated in Hindi language.
  • UN P&G on elimination of stigma & discrimination faced by leprosy affected persons & their families were published.