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Aims & Objective

  • To work for the Socio Economic Empowerment and welfare of persons affected by leprosy and their families and physically disabled persons.
  • The Objectives of ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE AFFECTED BY LEPROSY are promote respect and dignity in the life of those who have been affected by leprosy and Physically handicapped to work in partnership to ensure that they live are warding life with dignity.
  • To associate with government, Non-Governments organizations and international Agencies for uplifting the Social and Economic conditions of people affected by leprosy and physical handicapped.
  • To provide education to community about leprosy, general health and environment
  • To collect information from various sources on the subject of leprosy and physical handicapped in India and to function as a consulting agency.
  • To combat prejudice, discrimination, segregation, rejection, the use of derogatory terminology and the stigma associated with leprosy through self-support, self- reliance, dignity and public health awareness programmes.
  • The Income and Funds of the society be solely utilized towards the objects of the society and no portions of it shall be utilized for payments to members to members by way of profits, interest etc.
  • The benefits of the Society shall be open to all persons irrespective of caste, Religion, creed, sex etc.
  • The association of People will represent the people affected by leprosy and enable the people in the states to become autonomous and strong in working for the empowerment of people affected by leprosy.