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Mr.V.Narsappa met Uttar Pradesh Ho.ble Chief Minister .Mr.Nikhilesh

Mr.Yoheo Sasakawa and Mr.Narsappa & Mr.Murari Sinha with Hob’ble CM of UP and Minister

Mr.Murari Sinha and Mr.Narsappa with CM of UP

APAL team had a discussion with Hon’ ble CM for welfare of People affected by Leporsy

Health Secretary with APAL team

Mr.Murari Sinha with CM of UP

Mr.Venugopal, Vice President has explained the

Participants of Grass root Level Programme

Mr.Uday Thakar –Advisor explained the importance of

30 Participants are participated in Grass Root level training Programme held on 3rd & 4th November 2014 at Ranchi

North state leaders meeting held at Delhi on 23rd Sep’14

1st North State Leaders Meeting held on 23rd Sep’14 at Delhi

APAL 4 states of AP, Bihar, Odisha & MP have MoU with LEPRA Society meeting held on 16th Sep ‘14

Mr.Umesh Nayak speaks on Odisha state activities

Mr.Sarang speaks on Madhya Pradesh activities

Dr.P.K.Gopal and Mr.Narsappa discussing with Mr.Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of TNF

His Holiness Dalai Lama blessed the persons of Affected by leprosy

His Holiness Dalai Lama visit the Tahirpur colony at Delhi programme.

Mr.Narsappa welcome Mr.Motoyama for South State Leaders Meeting on 15th Sep’14

Mr.Umesh explained the Achievements of Odisha State during South state Leaders meeting on 15th Sep’14 Sep’14

LEPRA Society & APAL had discussion for MoU in 4 state Leaders on 16th Sep ‘14

LEPRA Society & APAL had discussion for MoU in 4 state Leaders on 16th Sep ‘14

Issued the Cheque to Andhra Pradesh President on National Appeal

Human Rights training programme at Bihar by APAL collaboration with ILU

Shatabdi Kushat Kalyan Yojna Pension issued Govt.officials at Bihar

Met Dist. Magistrate for Pension stopped by no Bio metric

Socio Economic Empowerment Workshop

Capacity Building training programme at Maharashtra on Human Rights

Capacity Building training at Maharashtra on Communication Skills

Participated in World Disabled day rally at Hyderabad

National Appeal – Kanada Language released at Karnataka State

Met Human Rights Commissioner Mr.BalaKrishana at Delhi

Mr. Sarang Sudan Gaidhane delivering message on the occasion of Seva Yagya S

Mr.Narsappa, President of APAL Receiving Seva Yagya Puraskar

Mr.Venugopal Vice President receiving Seva Yagya Pursakar

APAL Participated in Walk for Leprosy organised by LEPRA Society

Leprosy colony demolished by Govt. due to Road wide at Sonepur

Presented the Issues relating to persons affected by Leprosy at National SLO’s Conference at Bangalore

Participated in HKNS Anti-Leprosy fortnight celebration at AMS

Mr.Narsappa explained the activities in the 3rd Executive Board Meeting on 14th Sep’14

Mr.Motoyama participated & explained in the 3rd Executive Board Meeting on 14th Sep ‘14