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1st Quarterly report  from January to March 2016







11 & 12 Jan 2016

ILEP annual Meeting at AIFO, Bangalore, Karnataka state.

Mr.V Narsappa, Dr.P K Gopal, Mr. Udaya Thakar & Mr.Venugopal Special meeting in between APAL & ILEP members.

 Mr. Narsappa informed that there are about 800 leprosy colonies in India. APAL branches exist in 19 states and in 11 states, it is functioning actively.

MoU between APAL and ILEP in India is to be drafted which will also reflect the general principles and guidelines followed by plan of action. LEPRA will take the lead to draft and circulate it by 30th Jan 2016
APAL to be invited to attend ILEP in India Reps meeting once in a year if there is related agenda, and quarterly at state level


26 to 30 Jan 2016

Global Appeal 2016 Release

Mr.Ramavaraish Sah participated in behalf Association of People Affected by Leprosy- APAL released the global Appeal 2016 at Tokyo Japan.


9 Feb 2016

HHDL & Sasakawa Edu.fund orientation training programme

HHDL & Sasakawa Education fund orientation training programme for APAL State Leaders and Executive members meeting at Jharkhand. 8 State leaders of Delhi, UP, Orissa, Bihar, M.P, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Chhattisgarh are participated.

His Holiness Dalai Lama & Sasakawa Educational Scholarship orientation training programme for APAL State Leaders and Executive members meeting  8 State leaders held on 9th February 2016 at Ranchi Jharkhand organized by SILF Delhi.

Discussion on selection of candidate for higher education to be prepared by accordingly children status of affected parents and their financial position.  In the meeting SILF-APAL team have decided fix the time slot for each state to be conducting workshop for selected the students.  


14th  Feb 2016

Kushtarogavimuktara Kudumba Samleana 2016

AIFO India have invited Mr.V Narsappa-President of APAL participated in annual leprosy day celebration 'Kushtarogavimuktara Kudumba Samleana 2016', held on February 14th at the Institute of World Culture and Heritage, Basavangudi, Bangaluru, Karnataka State.

With over nearly 150 persons from backgrounds of leprosy and disability participated, this event aims at enhancing and enabling participation of these persons in mainstream society.  Ms. Jayasree Kunj executive member of LEPRA Society participated in the meeting.

Mr.Narsappa has delivered his message on APAL Activities covering 19 states in 300 Leprosy colonies in India. APAL programs. Also participating and supporting this event is the Karnataka Disabled Persons Organization, where Mr. Chelavaraju, President of the Karnataka DPO spoken in the  session during the programme.



3rd  and  4th  March, 2016

TECHSHARE programme

TECHSHARE programme: The Barrier Break in partnership with NCPEDP and RNIB is organized Tech share India 2016 in New Delhi.

This platform will provide us with an opportunity to learn more about digital accessibility, and to utilize this knowledge to further our cause of accessibility and inclusion for persons with disability.

The next NCRPD meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, 5th and Sunday, 6th March, 2016 to discuss in future plan



9th & 10th March 2016

Training programme for Nucleus team

Training programme for Nucleus team held on 9 & 10 Mar 2016 at Directorate office Sultan Bazar Telangana state.

All District Leprosy Office Nucleus teams are participated in the training programme for new case findings in district level.

Mr.Narsappa –President of APAL participated in the meeting      





2nd  Quarterly report  from April to June  2016






20th April 2016

Launch of Global Leprosy
Strategy -2016-20

The launch ceremony of Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-2020,  “Accelerating towards a leprosy-free world” on 20 April 2016 at Banquet “Desire”, Hotel Le Méridien, New Delhi. pening remarks by Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO South-East Asia Region
Presentation on Global Leprosy Strategy 2016‒2020 by Dr Erwin Cooreman, Team Leader, Global Leprosy Programme

  • Reflections on the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016‒2020 by National Leprosy Programme managers of Dr Rita Djupuri, Indonesia, Dr Anil Kumar, India, Dr Rosa Castalia, Brazil given their presentation.
  • Reflections on the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016‒2020 by people affected by leprosy Ms. K. Jayashree, Vice Chairperson of LEPRA Society.
  • Reflections on the Global Leprosy Strategy 2016‒2020 by partners of Professor Etsuko Kita, The Nippon Foundation and Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation.

Address by H.E. Shri J P Nadda, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
Closing remarks by Dr Hendrik J Bekedam, WHO Representative to India


12th   May 2016

APAL  Executive board meeting

APAL Executive board 6th review meeting held at held at Hotel Le-Merdien, New Delhi on 12th May 2016. All board members are participated. Dr.P K Gopal Senior Consultant and Mr.Uday Thakar invited as a special guest.

The following business was discussed in the meeting
1.   To approve last board meeting minutes held at Patna on 4th March   2015.
2.   To inform the updates on the following programmes.
•   Human Right Training Programme in 7 states.
•   Grass root level training programme in 3 states.
•   North and South State Leaders Meeting
•   Other activities organized during the year 2015-2016.
•   State Activity Report and Achievements.
3.     To discuss about FCRA Prior Permission and other details.
4.     To discuss the sustainable financial support for activities of APAL for the next 5 years.
5.     To discuss the future of APAL and activities for next year.
6.     Any other business with the permission of Chair.


3rd   June 2016

5 state forum annual meeting

LEPRA Society and Association of People Affected by Leprosy - APAL organized annual review meeting of 5 state forums held at LEPRA office, Secunderabad on 3rd June 2016.  From APAL Mr.Narsappa and Mr.Uday Thakar, Mr.M.Ramesh-Telangana, Mr.Sarang- MP, Mr.Umesh-Odisha, Mr.Chandra sekher-AP, Mr.Kamlesh-Bihar    and LEPRA Mr.Ashim Chowla- CEO, Mr.Sathiraju- Project coordinator, & Mr.P.Jayaram participated in the meeting. Ms. Jayasree Kunj- Vice Chairman participated as a special quest.

Mr Sathiraju welcomed the participants and he has expressed that this meeting will help work together and strengthens the state forums.

The Chief Executive, LEPRA introduced the participants and welcomed Mrs. Jayashree, the newly elected Vice Chairperson of LEPRA Society.

He stated that LEPRA determined to focus in leprosy (GHARVAPASI) and its new strategy of the next five years (2016-2020). The declaration of support for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Global Indicator 3 for Neglected Tropical Diseases is to seek support in getting funds for India from outside. It was expressed that the partners’ involvement has to put forth their voices in a strong manner. LEPRA Society prioritizes the empowerment of partners and included in the current five year strategy.

The state forums from Bihar, MP, AP, Telangana and Odisha presented their activities along with the support duly received by them from LEPRA Society. The forums shared the best practices and expanding forums at district and block level.


8th   to 14th   June 2016

International Conference in Vatican

The Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers-The Nippon Foundation Joint Symposium, “For the Holistic Care of Persons Affected by Hansen’s Disease, Respectful of Their Dignity” programme held on  June 9 and 10 at the Patristic Institute “Augustinianum” auditorium close to Vatican City.

The Symposium has co-organized by the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers, The Nippon Foundation in cooperation with Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, World Health Organization Global Leprosy Program, Good Samaritan Foundation, Raoul Follereau Foundation, Sovereign Order of Malta and others.

Although the concept note for the symposium is still to be finalized, the objectives of the meeting are:

  • Raise public awareness about leprosy (Hansen’s disease) and its medical and social consequences through messages from the Vatican, partners and media; 
  • Share new initiatives for eliminating the disease and the stigma and discrimination that people affected by leprosy face;
  • • Explore the role religious organizations can play in tackling leprosy and discrimination, and howthis might be further enhanced.

Mr.V.Narsappa, Dr.P K Gopal, Ms.Maya Ranavare were shared views in personal , Hinduism & Human rights respectively 


30th  June 2016

SLAP -AP board meeting

The Society of Leprosy Affected Persons – AP had 1st quarterly review meeting held at 7th ward, Krupa colony, Gandhi Nagar, Bhimmavaram, West Godavari dist., Andhra Pradesh.

There are 28 members were participated in different organization and shared their valuable suggestion on SLAP-AP activities during the 1st quarter from April to June 2016. Mr.Vagavathali  Narsappa -APAL President,  Mr.E.Shasidhar Reddy -LEPRA Society, Mr.S.P Chowdary- Bright future, Mr.Ch.Y.Naidu- TLM were participated in the meeting .

The review meeting was starts with prayer by Mr.Elisha, Vice president and welcomes the participants.

Newly selected Mr.D. Nageswara Rao as a president to continue up to election in place of Mr.Subba rao.
Mr.S.P.Chowdary -Brighter future has come voluntarily to meet the response for finance and moral support to SLAP-AP to do all the colonies survey.

Mr.Ch.Y.Naidu - TLM has informed and issued the training application for Diesel Mechanic, COPA (Computer), Dress Making, Welding courses and this training only for affected person’s children.

3rd Quarterly report from July to September 2016







05th July 2016

SLAP-TS 1st review meeting at Dhoolpet (DLRC) Hyderabad

Society of Leprosy Affected Persons – Telangana have 1st quarter review meeting: Mr.V.Narsappa –APAL President and Mr.G.Swamy Reddy –Project Officer LEPRA Society invited as special guest of this meeting. All board members are participated in the review meeting expects Secretary Ms.Anjamma due to health ground.

Mr. Ramesh has explained the activities carried over during the last quarter and also explained expenditure statement from April to June 2016.

While Mr.V Narsappa has given suggestion that this report shows only unplanned work was done is very nice & good, but same time in last quarter review meeting points are not covered as per your planned in this report. Hence he request you what you are planned to do work in that quarter and you may give priority to that planned work with result oriented & concentrate for other works also.

Mr.G.Swamy Reddy has cleared their views of action plan and has explained the methods of MoU to follow as per protocol.


9th July 2016

Meeting with HE Ram Nayak ji At RajBhavan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Meeting with HE Ram Nayak ji:The APAL members are Dr. P.K Gopal-Senior Consultant, Mr.Venugopal-Vice President, Mr. Uday Thakar-Advisor, Mr. Dayalu Prasad UP State Forum Leader and Mrs. Gopal met His Excellency Shri Ram Naikji. Onset the team members has appreciated the efforts of Shri Ram Naikji for taking initiative to start pension of Rs.2500/- per month in Uttar Pradesh.

His Excellency Shri Ram Naikji has released the Annual Report 2014-15 in Rajbhavan, Lucknow.

After the discussion Shri Ram Naikji, Governor of UP has suggested that 3 separate memorandum should be prepare.

  1. One Memorandum will be on social aspect and issues which will be submitted to Ministry of Social Welfare.
  2. Second Memorandum will cover of the medical aspect including Child New cases, availability of medicines, fund allocation etc.
  3. Third Memorandum will address to Minister of Law seeking the amendment in derogatory provision of different act.

In concluding remarks Shri Ram Naikji promised that he will help APAL and extend his best possible cooperation in achieving goal of APAL. Dr. P.K. Gopal and team propose the vote of thanks and meeting was concluded.


22nd July 2016

His Holiness Dalai Lama & Sasakawa scholarship selection committee meeting at S-ILF office premises, Delhi.

His Holiness Dalai Lama & Sasakawa scholarship selection committee meeting: Mr.Tatsuya Tanami, Executive Director –TNF, Mr. Tsering- Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama,Mr. Seko-TNF, Dr VineetaShanker-Executive Director SILF, Dr P.K. Gopal-Senior Consultant APAL, MrVagavathilNarasappa- President APAL, Mr. G. Venugopal-Vice- President APAL, Mr.Uday Thakar- Advisor, MsPayalGadhiok-SILF, MrTanzeel Khan-SILF were participated in the meeting.

To Selection of Scholars for Batch II (2016-17), Selection of the final candidates for Batch II of HH Dalai Lama- Sasakawa Scholarships and made Short listing other candidates in case of drop outs.

They selection finalized the candidates accordingly their merits. Selection candidates: Bihar -3, Chhattisgarh – 3, Delhi- 5, Jharkhand – 2, Madhya Pradesh – 1, Uttar Pradesh – 1

Also discussed the below points:

  1. Update on Previous Year Scholars (2015-16)
  2. Program Implementation : Year II of the HHDLS Scholarship Program
  3. Selection of Scholars for Batch II (2016-17)


29th to 31st July 2016

Seminar USI, Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi

The National Committee right of Persons with Disability (NCRPD) meeting. 24 participants and 7 special invitees were participated in different states of India.

Mr. Javed Abidi, Honorary Director, NCPEDP gave a brief introduction of the National Disability Network (NDN) and the idea behind its formation. He also shared the journey of NCRPD, which was first constituted in 2008, and has been constantly revamped, to act as a think tank and an idea centre to mainstream disability issues and develop advocacy campaigns.


Mr. Abidi shared the timeline of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2014.
The update on the Bill is that the Group of Ministers has submitted their report to the PMO, and the PMO is now reviewing it. With the current Monsoon Session almost over, the Bill might see the light of the day in the Winter Session or the Budget Session next year. Action Points

  • NCRPD Members to write a letter to the PMO and encourage their respective networks to do the same, to expedite the passage of the Bill.

Mr. V. Narasappa pointed out that every leprosy colony is a DPO. He shared that a wide gap between the disability and leprosy movement still exists.



4th September 2016

7th Executive committee meeting At Swagath Grand Hotel, Hyderabad

T7th Executive committee meeting held at Hotel Swagath Grand Vanasthalipuram Hyderabad.

The Executive Committee members special invitees of Senior Consultant, Advisors and special invites of Mr. Tatsuya Tanami-Executive Director TNF, Mr. MastoSeko- Program Director (Special Project Coordination Team Social Innovation Program) TNF and Ms. Kiyomi-Social Innovation Program (Division International Network Team TNF).

During the meeting discussed the following points.

  • Guidance by Mr. Sasakawa at Delhi
  • Meeting with Shri. Ram Naikji at Lucknow
  • Activity Report & Achievements
  • FCRA registration for 5 years
  • Planning & implementation of activities from Sept.2016 up to the extended period in 2017
  • States Activity Funding.
  • Changing of Project Period to be discussed and finalized



5th& 6th September 2016

APAL State Leaders meeting at Swagath Grand, Hyderabad

APAL conducted National level state leaders review meeting at Hyderabad. From The Nippon Foundation Executive Director Mr.TatsuyaTanbami, Mr.MastoSeko, Ms.Kiyomi as observers of this meeting. The special invitees of Dr.PK Gopal Senior Consultant, Mr.Uday Thakar- Advisor, Mr.Sursh –Advisor, Mr.S N Tygi- Advisor and Dr.Vineetha Shankar-Executive Director – S-ILF participated in the meeting.

After registration the Inauguration programme was started. The Chief guest and APAL leader lightening the lamp. Mr.V.Narsappa has mentioned the APAL (NFI) started 10 years back and developed in various activities like advocacy programme, capacity building training programme and created awareness among Govt. schemes and benefits.

The Nippon Foundation Executive director Mr.Tatsuya Tanami while speaking APAL organization is well developed in activities and he has read Mr.Sasakawa’s message. The state leaders of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jharkahand, Hryanana, Karnataka, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Utter Pradesh and West Bengal participated and their presented presentation of their activities from April 2015 to August 2016.

Discussion has done in between State leaders and S-ILF on livelihood projects in India. Dr.Vineetha Shankar-SILF and Mr. Uday Thakar has explained their problems.



18th to 21st September 2016

19th International Leprosy Conference At Beijing, China

1 - Special Keynote Lecture: The immune response at the site of infection in leprosy – Robert Modlin (USA)
     2 - WHO Global Strategy for Leprosy 2016-2020: accelerating towards a leprosy-free world – Drs Erwin
           Cooreman and Laura Gillini (25 minutes)

                      We expect you to make comments on the presentation by
Dr Cooreman and Dr Gillini from the perspective of the persons affected by leprosy. You have 7 minutes to make this short presentation.

Details on the organization of the session will be handled to you on the spot




27th September 2016

Met Telangnana-State Leprosy Officer At Directorate , Sultan bazar

MrV.Narsappa and Mr.Ramesh –President of SLAP Telengana met TS SLO at his officer premises discussed the status of new NGO scheme implamentation.





4th Quarterly report from October to December 2016







6th October 2016

JCI Trainers Training Programme Think Leprosy Now

Junior Chamber International India going to execute a project with collaboration of Nippon Foundation Japan, to build awareness against anti-discrimination and stigma against leprosy in India. Name of the project is “Think Leprosy Now!”. Held at Hotel TajBanara, Hyderabad.

This project is designed to train and empower students from 09th to 12th standard specifically in the states of India, which are endemic to leprosy. Students will be trained to be the ambassador/leaders to bring the change of the attitude of discrimination towards leprosy affected people.

Mr.Narsappa has described about Association of people affected by leprosy organization and he has shared his personal profile. Mr.Sukumar Samson has explained about ‘Leprosy diseases”.


15th October 2016

Grass Root Level Volunteers Meeting

Grass Root Level Volunteers Meeting was organized at hotel Mayura, Patna, Bihar on 15th October 2016. The volunteers from State of Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa were participated in the meeting.

Mr. V. Narsappa, President, APAL , inaugurated the workshop & addresses the participants. He welcomes the participants and narrated the achievements of APAL during last one year.

Mr. Venugopal, Vice President, APAL, briefly explained the objects of the meeting. He said that, “The Grass Root Training Program” was organized on December 2014. This meeting is very important as we will take up the review of the activities you have done at grass root level, as well as you will chalk out the future plan & strategy to implement the same in the field.

Mr.Uday Thakar, Advisor, APAL, said that, “This is very important and flagship program of APAL”. It is implemented in only three states on pilot basis. The results will decide whether the same pilot project should be extended to the other state. So you have to work very seriously, so that the project will get good results.

Each state leaders have presented activity and implementation plan before the participants. The each plan was discussed in detail. Mr. Kamalesh, Mr.RamvaraiahSah from Bihar, Mr. Zainuddin and Mr.SabirHussain from Jharkhand and Mr.Umesh Nayak from Orissa. During the discussion.

Mr. Narsappa & Mr.Venugopal suggested that for implementation of these activities in the field some financial support should be granted. The APAL has decided to grant Rs. 10,000/- for each state to implement the action plan in the field. The advance of Rs.5000/- was given to the concern state leaders. Mr.Zainnuddin proposed vote of th anks& meeting was concluded.


6th November 2016

Colony visits

National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and disabled Peoples International in partnership with Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) Supported by The Nippon Foundation organised leprosy colonies visit for Nepal Mr. Amar BahadurTimalsina President, IDEA , Indonesia Mr. HermenMangaradasHutabarat Chairperson, GPDLI. The APAL team was leaded colony visits

Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal- Vice President and Mr.Uday Thakar – Advisor are lead the team to colony of Bharathmathakusht ashram - Faridabad and Kasturba gram -Tahirpur complex visited


8th November 2016

Roundtable meeting on leprosy Issues

Status of the “Eliminating Discrimination against Persons Affected by Leprosy (EDPAL) Bill, 2015” and other issues concerning Persons affected by Leprosy meeting organized by NCPEDP +DPI at Delhi.

From APAL Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal, Dr. P K Gopal Mr.Uday Thakar Dr.Vineetha Shankar -SILF participated the meeting.



20th November 2016

S-ILF’s 10 years Anniversary

Mr.Narsappa-President, Dr.P K Gopal – Senior Consultant, Mr.Venugopal – Vice President and Mr.Uday Thakar were particpated in 10 year celebration of Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation, Delhi on 20th November 2016.

Dr.Vineetha Shankar-Executive Director and all staff of orgainsied programme at Seminar Hall 1-3, India International Centre, 40 Max Muller Marg, New Delhi 110003 at 6.30 pm. Mr.Tanami Tatsuya Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation, Mr.Takahiro Nanri Programme Executive participated in behalf TNF.



22nd – 25th November 2016

LPEP annual review meeting

The Novartis Foundation organized 2016 Annual Meeting of the Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (LPEP) program and Evaluating Feasibility and Impact of Leprosy at TAJ Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka on November 23 - November 25, 2016.

This meeting reviewed and discussed with the different stakeholders, the steps taken to-date in the LPEP implementing countries, and to look at the strategy moving forward.

More specifically we will share and discuss achievements & lessons learned from the second year of LPEP implementation, highlight the importance of evidence generation in LPEP and define the way forward for the coming years. A meeting agenda will follow.

Mr.Narsappa participated in the annual review meeting of LPEP and shared his views of LPEP trial



1st -4th December 2016

Fact finding trip to Odisha by Mr.TakahiroNanri

Mr.Takahiro Nanri-Program Adviser, Special Project Coordination Team, The Nippon Foundation, Associate Professor, Department of Community Design, Atomi University visited Inida for fact findingto clarify the important issues and agendas that should be tackled by the foundation.


  1. Current priorities is pension fund.
  2. Land acquisition in colonies

Mr.TakahiroNanri has visited the Odisha state colonies for fact finding trip and preparation work of Mr.Sasakawa‘s visit in January 2017. Mr. Umesh Nayak state leader and his team visited 39 colonies collected the information of issues like pension land acquisition and other issues etc.

Takahiro Nanri, Mr.Venugopal, Mr.Uday Thakar had discussion with Govt. officials of social welfare department, Principal Secretary addl. Director of social welfare department.



2nd-3rd December 2016

Skill Development training program at KKID Coimbatore

APAL has organized Capacity building & Skill development training programme for leprosy colony leaders in Tamil Nadu at Karl Kubel Institute Coimbatore.

Mr.Narsappa-President and Dr.P.K.Gopal-Senior consultant has arranged training programme for Tamil Nadu colonies leaders nearly 30 members. The Programme will broadly cover to Life Skill Education with special emphasis on Leadership and Management skills.

Participatory learning methodology is given the utmost priority. The training imparted through lecture cum-discussion, Practical workshop exercises, demonstration, brain storming exercises & group discussion. Human Rights & Violation of Human Rights, Procedure to get justice for violation of Human Rights, Right to information and how to use it, Compliances & Records maintenance, Maintaining Diary of daily work. Government Schemes for disabled persons- How to get advantage of the schemes, Interpersonal Relationship & Coexistence.

Finance: Requirements, Registration, Accounting systems, Methods & Audit Resource Person: Dr.MagimaiPragasam.



5th -7th December 2016

Fact finding trip by Mr.TakahiroNanri in Chhattisgarh

Mr.TakahiroNanri visited the Chhattisgarh also for fact finding trip and preparation work of Mr.Sasakawa‘s visit in January 2017.

Mr.TakahiroNanrihad discussion with Chhattisgarh Govt. officials Dr.Prasanna -Director of Health Services, Dr.DeshPandhy- SLO, Dr.SanjayAlung- Director Social welfare, Mr.M L Pandey- Addl Director of social welfare, Mahila Commissioner, Sri.Sonmani Borah- Principal Secretary of Social welfare for enhancement of pension andMr.Sasakawa's visit preparation work.

The APAL leaders Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal and Mr.Uday Thakar and state leader Mr.Ghasiram Bhoi have organized the program and also visited along with Mr.TakahiroNanri.



8th December 2016

Human Rights review meeting at Sharda Hotel, Raipur

Association of people affected Leprosy organized Human Rights review meeting at Sharada Hotel, Raipur on 8th December 2016.

Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Telangana state leaders participated and reviewed Human rights issues. Each states leaders they have shared their activities on human rights issues.

Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal & Mr. Uday Thakar reviewed in state wise performance.