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1st Quarterly report from January to March 2017






7 January 2017

Nava Jivan leprosy colony in Karnataka state

Mr.Narsappa and Ms.MayaRanevare EC member of APAL visited in Nave Jiven Leprosy Colony, Chetnally, Bidar, Karnataka.

Mr.Kantappa colony leader has arranged small gathering in the colony level and exposed their problem and he has explained the condition of colony houses and facing problem.  

Mr.Narsappa has collected information of colony of Nave Jivan Leprosy colony It has recognized in 1984. Still 90 affected persons are living as 30 Male and 60 female.

All are having AAY ration cards and everybody getting pensions. They have main problem is children employment. There are no proper roads in the colony.


8 January 2017

Mahatma Gandhi Jeeven Jyothi Leprosy colony visit

Mr.Narsappa, Ms. Maya Ranevare EC member of APAL and Mr.Hanumanthu visited Mahatma Gandhi JeevenJyothi Leprosy colony, Yadgiri, Karnataka.

Mr.Rayappa colony leader welcome the APAL team members to the colony. He has explained the problem which they are facing in the colony.

Mr.Narsappa has collected colony information. The Mahatma Gandhi Jeeven Jyothi Leprosy colony established in 1979 and affected person only 34 persons of 18 male and 16 female.

All are having AAY ration card and receiving pension. Main problem is fearful of theft, no proper roads and toilets in the colony.

Rs. 3.44 lakhs budgets was sanctioned for CC Roads in colony inside and Toilet in side colony and of 14 lakhs budget was sanctioned for Metal road from colony to city Yadgir.

The Mahatma Gandhi Jeevan Jyothi colony members are does not know APAL. Mr.Narsappa has explained the APAL activities of capacity building and awareness programmes to the colony people.


23 January 2017

Sparsh Awareness Campaign

District Leprosy Officer’s review meeting contacted by State Leprosy Officer, Telangana on at Central Park, Hyderguda, Hyderabad. 10 District Leprosy Officers, All APMO’s , DPMOs, Nucleus teams, APAL president Mr.Narsappa, SLAP President Mr.M.Ramesh and LEPRA society project officer Mr.G.Swamy Reddy participated in the review meeting.

Mr.Narsappa has explained the Sparsh Awareness Campaign importance and list of high endemic districts and he has requested to DLOs, DPMOs, APMOs do survey with heartfelt and honest than only we will reach the goal of elimination. Leprosy is a not problem only visible disability is big problem and please prevent that no one get deformity like me. No disability, No stigma.

SLO instructed to all District Leprosy Officer to take action on Sparsh Awareness Campaign


29 January 2017

Rising to Dignity Award 2017

Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation (S-ILF) organized rising to Dignity awards programme at Hotel Taj, Delhi at 6pm.

Dr.Vineetha Shankar, Executive Director S-ILF has given warm welcome address. The chief guest Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, Shri.Thawar Chand Gehlot given key notes on Dignity awards.

Guest of Honor Shri Yohei Sasakwa, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation was spoken S-ILF activities and livelihood projects activities. Prize distributed by Hon’ble Minister Shri. Thawar Chand Gehlot and Shri. Yohei Sasakwa to best livelihood initiatives.

The Dignity awards received by best livelihood initiatives by Tamil Nadu for Mini Tent House project and Rice, Water & Oil selling project. The Project Mentor Add India and Tamil Nadu state leader of APAL Mr.A.Prakasam.

Maharashtra has received Centering project award. The Mentor Ms.Maya Ranevare EC member of APAL

Dr.P.K.Gopal has responded the delegates raised question. Mr.Sasawakawa distributed awards to concern states.

The closing remarks by Mr.Tarun Dass Chairman, S-ILF and followed by Dinner



30 January 2017

The Global Appeal 2017 release

‘The Global appeal 2017 has released at Taj hotel, Delhi by Mr.Yohei Sasakawa WHO Ambassador for elimination of leprosy and Chairman of The Nippon Foundation, Hon’ble Inter-Parliamentary Union President- Sri.Saber Chowdhury, Dr. Henk Bekedam, WHO Representative to India, Mr. Tarun Das, Chairman, Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation, Mr.Vagavthali Narsppa president APAL, Executive members and state leaders and colony leaders were participated in the special event.

The event was started at 11 am with Choral Performance of prayer song by children from colonies. Opening Remarks by Mr. Tarun Das, Chairman, Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation and he has explained S-ILF activities and Global Appeal 2017. Video screening on ‘Leprosy in our time’

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa has given key notes on Global Appeal 2017 releasing. Hon’ble Inter-Parliamentary Union President- Sri.Saber Chowdhury and Dr. Henk Bekedam, WHO Representative to India has spoken has important views of Leprosy situation in India.

As special guest Mr.Narsappa- President APAL while speak the APAL’s background and activities of capacity building, training programme and Human Rights cases carried over.



30 Jan 2017

Round Table for Members of Parliament and Major Stakeholders.

Roundtable for Members of Parliament and Major Stakeholders in Ending Stigma and discrimination against Persons Affected by Leprosy Co-organized by The Nippon Foundation,

Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, the Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation on 30th January at 2 pm at Jehangir Hall, Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi.


The roundtable invites members of Inter-Parliamentary Union, political leaders, organizations of persons affected by leprosy, and representatives from international and local NGOs to explore possible ways to contribute to ending stigma and discrimination against persons affected by leprosy with a special focus on potential roles of members of parliament.

Opening remarks by Prof.Etsuko Kita, Chairman-SMHF invites all parliamentarians, non government projects and union political leaders and all participants. Introduction on Leprosy and Human rights by Association of people affected by Leprosy- APAL president Mr.V.Narsappa.

Voice from representative of the people affected by leprosy from Bangaldesh -Mr.A.B.M.Shahid Shariff, from India Mr.Rasul Mulla-APAL and from Indonesia Mr.Suharsono were spoken their life stories.

Finally they discussion

  1. What are the role and expectations for the parliamentary members and what ar potentials for collaboration with key stakeholders in ending stigma and discrimination against persons affected by leprosy beyond abolishing discriminatory legislations?
  2. What are the realistic steps we can expect to take as a way forward?



2 February 2017

The launch of "Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign"

The Government of India today the announced the launch of “Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign” by Dr Anil Kumar Dep. Director General-Leprosy, DGHS, Govt of India & John Kurian George,(ILEP in India) a unique initiative under the National Leprosy Eradication Programme(NLEP) on 2nd February 2017

NLEP was started in the year 1983 with the objective of achieving eradication of the disease from the country. Though the Elimination of Leprosy at National level has been achieved by India, in the month of December, 2005, it is still home to around 57% of the worlds’ leprosy affected persons.

There were some important initiatives taken by Government of India and its partners like ILEP in India, WHO, APAL as below:

Central Leprosy Division (CLD) and its partners like ILEP, WHO, APAL, local NGOs and State Media Cell, local Akashwani and Doordarshan Kendras commemorated 30th January as ‘ANTI- LEPROSY DAY’ every year, wherein nationwide message on leprosy awareness is spread through print and other media.

Dr.P.K.Gopal told the media people that leprosy is curable, medicines to cure the disease is available freely at the Government health facilities, stigma and discriminations should be avoided and help for the people to live with the community.



1 - 3 February 2017.

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa Chhattisgarh visited

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa has visited to Chhattisgarh state for development of people affected by leprosy like pension and other needs in colonies, followed by APAL leaders of Mr.V.Narsappa, Mr,Venugopal, Mr.Uday thakar and state leaders of Mr.Ghasi Rami bhoi and Mr.Vijay Mashi.

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa met cabinet minister of Health & family welfare and colony visits. Honorable Minister Smt. Ramsheila Sahu - Women and Child Development, Social Welfare with her cabinet and had discussion of the welfare of people affected by leprosy and special pension and skill development, support of higher education and pension. Mr.Sonmani Borah - secretary of social welfare and other official staff participated in during discussion.

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa and his team met Honorable Minister Sri. Ajay Chandrakar - Rural Development, Parliamentary Affairs, Public Health Family Welfare and explained to Minister the problem of Leprosy affected persons. Also the team has requested to special announcement enhancement of Pension and disability certificate and to make coordination committee nomination of leprosy affected persons.



26 February 2017

State level meeting at Madhya Pradesh

Sahyog Kusth Nivaran Sangh was organized State level colony leaders meeting held at Arunodaya Kusht Ashram, Jamburdi, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. There are above 200 affected persons from 21 colonies were attended in the meeting.

Mr.Navin Satle – State Project Coordinator Madhya Pradesh of LEPRA Society, Mr.Aftab Pasha, Program Officer - Communications & Advocacy – Sasakawa –India Leprosy Foundation (S-ILF), Mr.Suresh- Bhimbandh Charitable trust, MP Coordinator and Mr.Narsappa –President of APAL participated in the meeting.

Mr Sarang Gaidhane president of Sahyog Kusth Nivaran Sangh was explained the importance of the meeting. Mr.Navin Satle – State Project Coordinator Madhya Pradesh of LEPRA Society has explained the LEPRA activities of Awareness, Children education and co- associate with Sahyog Kusth Nivaran Sangh with support of Mr.Sarang Gaidhane.

Mr. Aftab Pasha - Program Officer - Communications & Advocacy – Sasakawa –India Leprosy Foundation (S-ILF) state that S-ILF activities of 17 Livelihood projects in some states and his organization. Mr.Suresh - Bheembandh Charitable trust, MP Coordinator mentioned that the project constructed Home with 12 rooms for Old age people.

Mr.Narsappa –President of APAL has expressed to people about Human Rights, to strengthen unity and dignity, knowledge on RTIA & PWD and to live without any stigma and discrimination.



12 March 2017

LEPRA and APAL collaboration meeting

LEPRA Society arranged a meeting with Association of People Affected by Leprosy –APAL to introduce new chaired Chief Executive UK Mr. Geoff Prescott. Mr.Ashim Chowla welcomed all executive members of APAL and staff of LEPRA Society

From APAL organization Mr.V.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal, Mr.Bhimrao Madhale, Mr.A.Prakasam, Ms. Maya Ranavare, Mr.Ramvarai Sah, Mr.Ghasiram Bhoi, Mr.Sarang Gaidane, Mr.Uday Thakar and from LEPRA Mr.Sathiraju, Mr.Jayaram and Ms.Radhika participated in the meeting.

It will enable Mr.Geoff to understand the issues and concerns of people affected by leprosy in an effective manner and help him take forward his new role as the LEPRA CE. LEPRA Society also commitment and efforts for the social and economical empowerment of people affected by leprosy.

As well aware that LEPRA is trying practically to regain our dignity by working together with 5 states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana for our empowerment & giving us an opportunity to share APAL views and needs.

This collaboration meeting will be strengthening to accelerate the activities for the betterment of leprosy affected people



13 March 2017

8th APAL EC Meeting

APAL‘s 8th Executive committee meeting held at Hotel Swagath Grand, Vanasthalipuram, Telangana state on 13th March 2017.

The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive members and Advisor participated in the meeting. Mr.Narsappa welcomed the all EC members and Advisor and followed by agenda. All the members approved the last meeting minutes held on 4th September 2016 at Hotel Swagth Grand, Hyderabad.

Mr.Venugopal and Mr.Uday Thakar has given brief report on Mr.Yohei Sasakawa Chhattisgarh state. Mr.Sasakawa met Govt. officials of Hon’ble Minister Smt. Ramsheila Sahu - Women and Child Development, Social Welfare, Hon’ble Minister Sri. Ajay Chandrakar - Rural Development, Parliamentary Affairs, Public Health Family Welfare and Mahasamundu District Collector Sri Umesh Agarwal discussed the problem of pension enhancement, disability certificate and higher education support of people affected by leprosy and Mr.Y.Sasakawa visited some colonies.

Mr.Narsappa has explained the FCRA status and registration of next 5 years and also given brief report of Global Appeal programme made success. Executive Committee members shared their views on LEPRA +APAL collaboration meeting and other activities programmes. Vote of thanks given by Mr. Venugopal.



17 March 2017

World Glaucoma Week celebrated by SLAP-AP

Glaucoma screening cum awareness camp was conducted on 17th March 2017 at Grace Leprosy colony Collaboration with Gifford Memorial Hospital, Nuzvidu organized by Society of Leprosy Affected by Persons- Andhra Pradesh.

E.Shashidhar Reddy- Field supervisor of LEPRA Society in his speech said that early detection of glaucoma is key to prevent later sight loss and informed the significance of eye screening to detect glaucoma and get treated among the communities where possible. Those most at risk of developing glaucoma are people over 60s, people with a family history of the disease, long steroid treatment.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Duttum, camp in charge from Gifford memorial Hospital said, The World Glaucoma association as well as the World Glaucoma Patient Association has combined to initiate this awareness week observing from March 12th to 18th 2017.

In his speech, he noted the importance of regular eye check up and the risk factors for glaucoma. The awareness campaign is aimed at eliminating glaucoma mediated blindness, by encouraging regular eye Check - up which should include a check-up of the optic nerves. He says, ‘Working together with people who are so committed to eye health and do such amazing work is a real privilege. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with LEPRA Society and SLAP-AP.’



18 - 20 March 2017

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa Odisha state visit

Mr. Yohei Sasakawa-WHO Good will ambassador of eliminate leprosy and chairman of the Nippon Foundation visited the Odisha state from 18th to 20th March 2017. APAL leaders and State leader has arranged the programme for 3 days. As per plan Mr.Yohei Sasakawa visited the colonies and interacted with new cases detected from Leprosy Detection campaign and met govt., officials of Hon’ble Chief minister, Health Minister, State leprosy officer.

Mr.Yohei Sasakawa’s first day met Human Right commissioner and meeting with DHS, SLO, NLEP coordinator.

On 2nd day went to Dhenkanal district and had meeting with Medical Officer, Asha workers, Health staff and interaction with LCDC patients.

On third day Met Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and Family Health & Welfare minister. Discussion with Disability commissioner and principal secretary of social welfare.



20 March 2017

JCI health camp at Hyderabad

JCI Hyderabad Trendz organized Health camp held at Sanjey Gandhi colony, Moula Ali, Hyderabad. The Health camp was arranged Mr.JC.HGF. Geetesh Kate. In the Health camp distributed fruits and free medicines and essential items to 40 patients in the colony. The Chief Guest Senator Manoj Thakker, Guest of Honor Senator Sameer Shah, Senator Renu Agarwal and Sanator Sagar Shah and behalf APAL Mr.K.Sukumar Samson participated in the health camp. Ms.Paremeswari has done ulcer dressing to ulcer patient during the camp.

Mr.Sukumar Samson has explained the APAL activities of capacity building, awareness programme and to motivating the colony leaders to taught knowledge of government schemes and benefits. Not only that the knowledge of RTI Act, PWD 1995 and Human rights act of violation of discrimination.

JCI. HGF. Geetesh Kate has gave vote of thanks to all participated patients and chief guests



24 - 25 March 2017

NLEP Strategy Plan 2017-25

National Leprosy Eradication Programme conducted Strategy Plan 2017-20 at Jaipur, Hotel Park Prime, C- 59, Prithviraj Road, C- Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302 001 from 24 to 25 March 2017.

Dr.Anil Kumar- DDGL, Dr.Reetika Malik,Dr.Deepika Karotla, Dr.Satish Kumar, Dr.Padebettu Krishnamurthy-DFIT, Dr.Girish Thakar,Dr.V.P.Singh, Dr.Mutatkar, Ms.Jaysree-LEPRA , Dr.M.D./Gupte, Dr.Saurabh Jain- WHO, Mr.Sanjay John, Dr.Rashmi Shukla, Dr.Laura-WHO, Ms.Nikita –TLM and Mr.Narsappa-APAL are actively involved to prepared awareness programme on leprosy.

The following points are finalized

WHO Global strategy adapted to India situation, Three pillar approach

  • Strengthening ownership and partnerships
  • Stopping leprosy and its consequences
  • Stopping stigma and discrimination


  • Towards India free of leprosy and its consequences


  • Ensuring quality of care for all affected by leprosy and through that aiming at a leprosy-free India for future generations


  • Reduce leprosy burden by detecting all the cases of leprosy that occur as early as possible and ensuring the cure of the disease without any residual medical, social and psychological consequences
  • Targets to be achieved by 2018:
  • Number of children diagnosed with leprosy and with visible deformities is zero
  • Rate of newly diagnosed leprosy cases with visible deformities is less than 1 per million population
  • There is no legislation allowing discrimination on the basis of leprosy

Targets to be achieved by 2023 :

  • Zero new child case





2nd  Quarterly report  from April to June  2017






4 April 2017

IT Hiring

Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal & Mr.Ravulapalli Venkateswaralu Auditor went to Ayakar Bhavan Auditor for IT hiring of 80G.


17 April 2017

Meeting with East Godavari Joint Collector

Society of leprosy Affected Persons – Andhra Pradesh President- Mr. Nageshwara Rao- Secretary- Mr. Chandra Sekhar Rao along with the seven colonies Leaders met The Joint Collector, East Godavari on 17/April/ 2017.

They put forth the issues prevailing in the colonies by providing the representation letters. The discussions were held on providing the basic amenities that are lacking in the colonies, Issues of Pensions, AAY Ration, and Land Issues of the colonies. The issues were kept in the Grievance cell and officially registered for taking up immediate actions.

In addition to this, the Letter of Request was considered by The Collectorate and necessary instructions were passed by The Joint Collector to the District Supplies Officer, PD, DRDA and Housing Department.


2 May 2017

To meet the Commissioner, Rourkela Municipal Corporation

Mr.Umesh nayak –Odisha state leader and his team of Rourkela colony inmates went to Rourkela Municipal Corporation on 2nd may 2017.

The colony peoples have some issues on rehabilitation for Leprosy affected persons in the colony. Mr.Umesh nayak went to commissioner office of Rourkela submitted memorandum to the Commissioner, Rourkela Municipal Corporation regarding rehabilitation for leprosy affected by leprosy

The commissioner has assured that they can do their basic needs.


4 May 2017

Coordination meeting with Rising star Outreach of India

Rising star organized meeting with APAL team to work together with colonies to promote education support on 4th May 2017. To support all activities related to the issue of PEG and repayments from the colony leaders in collaboration with Rising Star Outreach of India.

To initially support the PEG program in the leprosy affected colonies at Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar in collaboration with Rising Star Outreach of India and later on expand to the other states of India where this assistance is most needed.

To initially support the PEG program in the leprosy affected colonies at Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar in collaboration with Rising Star Outreach of India and later on expand to the other states of India where this assistance is most needed.

The objectives of Association of People Affected By Leprosy (APAL) are to promote respect and dignity in the lives of those who have been affected by leprosy and physically handicapped to work in partnership to ensure that they enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life.

RSOI has agreed that it is in the mutual interest of Rising Star Outreach of India and APAL (individually referred to establish the following Memorandum of Understanding.


30 and 31 May 2017

WHO - Guidelines Developing Group meeting

The World Health Organization organized Guidelines Developing Group for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leprosy planned held on the 30 and 31 May 2017 in New Delhi, India.

here are 20 GDG Members are activiely particpated in different countries. Including in India Mr.Narsappa-Presidnet APAL, Dr.Vineetha Shankar- Executive Director SILF and Observers from The Nippon foundation Japan Mr. Masato Seko, Ms. Kyoko ITO and Ms. Hiroe Soyagimi. WHO Secretariates are Dr Erwin Cooreman-Team Leader, Dr Laura Gillini- Medical Officer, Dr.V. Pemmaraju Ranganadha Rao-Technical Officer, Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed Dr Manisha Shridhar -WHO-SEARO and Dr Klara Tisocki participated in the Guidelines Developing Group meeting.

Mr.Narsappa impressed the Skin smear to be taken before diagnose, during and after treatment. Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (LPEP) project treatment is creating stigma against patients and their family members.


12 June 2017

Auditor Office at Kondapur

Mr.Narsappa & Mr.Uday thakar- Advisor APAL went to Kondapur Auditor office. Met Mr.Ravulapalli Venkateshwaralu had discussion regarding FCRA and 80G permission.

3rd Quarterly report from July to September 2017







2 July 2017

HHDLSS selection committee meting

Dr. Vineeta Shanker welcomed all the Committee Members and thanked H.H Dalai Lama Trust and TNF for their continuous support for this program. The committee was informed that for the year 2017-18 there are 20 scholarships available. She shared that there will be two stages of selection.

In stage I-the committee will be selecting around 30-35 applicants under general category from the Merit list prepared and presented by S-ILF and around 6-7 applicants under special category (those affected and cured). Stage II- after telephonic interaction by S-ILF with selected applicants, all eligible candidates will be called for a personal interview with the selection Panel for the final 20 scholars.

Selection of Scholar for batch III (2017-18)

  • In order of merit, Committee decided to give first preference to all applicants who completed class XII in 2017.
  • All applicants under special category will be invited for the next round to physically examine them and their interest in higher education.
  • Expansion to other states: It was submitted to committee that as we are increasing number of scholarships every year we should include some more states so that more deserving youth benefit from this program. The youths from other states have also been approaching S-ILF for support for higher education. It was agreed that for 5 more scholarships for next year Maharashtra will be included.
  • Refund amount by drop out scholar: it was suggested by committee members that once the youth drop out its difficult to trace youth or get money refunded by their families. The only solution is to clearly highlight in the agreement that the security money will only be returned when scholars complete their course.


3 July 2017

Met District Collector Srikakulam

The President, SLAP - AP, Mr. Nageswara Rao, Vice President - Mr. Ch. Elisha along with the three colony Leaders went to Srikakulam District collector office on 3 July/ 2017. They put forth the issues prevailing in the colonies by providing the representation letters.

The discussions were held on providing the basic amenities that are lacking in the colonies, Issues of Disability Pensions, AAY Ration and revision in the Disability Certificates by re-assessment. The issues were kept in the Grievance cell and officially registered for taking up immediate actions.

Smt.Revathi Manoharan I F S issued the order to Srikakulam district Collector Sri.Dhanjaya Reddy I A S to take necessary action on Society of Leprosy Affected Persons – Andhra Pradesh (SLAP-AP) representation letter


8 July 2017

Meeting with UP Governor

Mr.Venugopal-Vice President, Mr.Dayulu Prasad- State Leader, UP and Mr.Raghu –Colony Leader met His Excellency Sri.Ram Naik-UP Governor on 8th July 2017 at Rajbhavan, Uttar Pradesh.

Mr.Venugopal has Conveyed thanks on behalf APAL and all of us for his kind help in all spheres and requested to guide for follow-up of file. Also he has explained about progress and development in ODISHA, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand states and smooth running of APAL.

Dr.Dayulu Prasad and Mr. Raghu requested that already submitted the memorandum to UP Government for land allocation. They informed to His Excellency there is no action taken against for land allocation of colonies. Again they submitted the reminder memorandum of colonies needs to UP Governor for necessary action. And they assured that they will look in the issue and will take action.

Also informed that even after his continues efforts, we still‎ waiting for enhancement of state forum activities.


Advocacy Initiative by Society of Persons affected by Leprosy

The society of Leprosy Affected people – Andhra Pradesh Secretary, SLAP - AP, Mr. A.ChandraSekhar along with the colony Leaders met Krishna District Collector on 10th July/ 2017. They put forth the issues prevailing in the colonies by providing the representation letters.

The discussions were held on providing the basic amenities that are lacking in the colonies, Issues of Disability Pensions, AAY Ration and revision in the Disability Certificates by re-assessment and Colony Problems. The issues were kept in the Grievance cell and officially registered for taking up immediate actions.


10-12 July 2017

Annual SLOs Review meeting-Raipur, Chhattisgarh

National Review Meeting of Leprosy Eradication in India held on from 10th – 12th July 2017 at Courtyard by Marriott, NH-6, Labhandi Opposite Indira Gandhi Agriculture University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492012. The Annual SLO review meeting organised by Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Government of India, National Leprosy Eradication Programme, National Health Mission and WHO.

After registration inauguration meeting started Dr. Anil Kumar Leprosy DDG (Leprosy)welcomed the guests. Mr Navdeep Rinwa-Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Prakin Suchaxaya,Ag-WHO Representative to India, New Delhi, Dr. B. D. Athani - Special Director General Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare spoken in the meeting

Mr.Narsappa raised the his voice for

  • to create mass awareness among community,
  • Full structure of NLEP staff
  • Full time of SLOs, DLOs in the states.
  • Mobile show clinic

Implement of Physiotherapy, APMO & DPMO for SET programme



24 July 2017

Dissemination workshop CDLCP end line evaluation

Dissemination workshop – CDLCP end line evaluation meeting held at Hotel Satyadev Residency, Annavaram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr.JohnKurian George, Ms. Rizvan Masroor, Mr. Slesser Babu- President of Fairmed, Mr.Vijay Krishnan President of Fontilles, Mr.V.Prabhakar Rao, Mr.Sathiya Raj- LEPRA Society, Mr.D.Nageswara Rao- President of SLAP –AP, Dr.D.Kamaraj – Physiotherapy Fairmed Guntur Distyrict District Leprosy Officer, Guntur and East Godavari and other delegates are participated in the meeting.

Mr.Bijoy Swain, NLEP Coordinator given warm welcome address to the delegates in the meeting. Dr.Anita Rego has explained dissemination of the findings of external evaluation.

Dr.Kamaraj explained in technical method of dissemination of the findings of external evaluation. Mr.Vijay Krishnan-President of Frontlines interacted with Dr.Anita Rego’s presentation.



25 July 2017

District Forum Committee meeting

East Godavari District Forum Committee meeting held at Vimuthi Leprosy colony. There are 15 members from 6 leprosy colony were participated in meeting. There are 15 members from 6 leprosy colonies were attended in the meeting. Mr.Narsappa- President APAL and Mr.D.Nageswara Rao President of SLAP AP organized the meeting. Mr.Narsappa has explained the APAL objectives and activities of capacity building, Human Rights training, Trainers training program, Grass root level training, and Mr.D.Negeshwara Rao During the meeting discussed their basic needs of the colony.



25-26 July 2017

5 Colonies visited

Visited 6 leprosy colonies of Vimuthi, Neerikshna, JDCM, Bangal thota Kaluru leprosy colonies and find out their problems and need basic amenities. I was requested to colony people to support the great march in Vijayawada & colony peoples are supported this great march.

1. Emanuel Colony Katrevulapalli, East Godavari District for District Forum committee meeting. There are population 80, Male:30 and Female:50 in 40 houses.

       • S-ILF has sanctioned amount for livelihood Project they done very great achievements of project and account holders 2 member were died. Now they are to withdraw the amount for other project. In bad situation one account holder have 2 wives they fighting for rights for account holding, hence the project amount not taken. S-ILF has already sanctioned another one lake rupees not issued due to this problem.

       • Dr.Jacob’s wife collected all pattas agriculture land from colony people.

       • I have explained the great mass in Vijayawada and all colony people has showed interest.

2. JDCM colony: House 23 , families 5, Individual houses 10, Male 8 and female 12 their children not living with parents they in hostel and relative houses.

       • This colony runs by Missionary land and they not have any ration card, disability certificate.

       • To fight for special pension like other state and there is no basic amenities in the colony.

       • The land belongs to missionaries of Kothapally Teja his son taking care , no body no rights on land.

       • S-ILF livelihood project not satisfied.

       • There are ready to join in Vijayawada great March

3. Nirikeshna AssociationPopulation of colony 42 (male 16 and female 26 apart 20 children). Houses are 36, family 10. S-ILF livelihood project running smoothly in different categories project and there is Leakage of rain water in the houses. They give full support for Great March in Vijayawada.

4. Banglathota Colony: Ramachandrapuram

       • S-ILF livelihood project not running smoothly

5. Vimuthi Leprosy Colony:



20 September 2017

2nd ILEP India meeting

The 2nd ILEP India meeting held at LEPRA Society office and the first meeting was held at Bangalore at AIFO office premises on 12th January 2016.The following members are participated in the meeting

        1. Mr.Vijaykrishan - Fontilles

        2. Dr.John Kurian- Swiss Emmaus

        3. Dr.Sivakumar – DFIT

        4. Mr.Subbu – GLRA

        5. Dr.Mangalani - NLR

        6. Dr.Sunil Kumar- ALM

        7. Mr.Narsappa- APAL

        8. Dr.J.Subbanna- CHAI

The ILEP India meeting started with silent prayer and Mr.Vijaykrishanan – Chairman of ILEPmeeting given warm welcome to all participate of ILEP Members.

All ILEP members are discussed on Review and ratification of the previous minutes, ILEP in India Budget of 2018, ToR of Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM), ToR of NLEP Consultant and date for signature of MoU with CLD. Mr.Narsappa participated behalf of APAL raised his voice on MoU.

       • Explained the APAL activities carried over programmes like capacity building, Grass root level training programme, Human Rights training programmes, Youth training programme etc.

       • No any action plan and activities after signed MoU. This is 2nd meeting.

        • In the next meeting to be discussed with us and LEPRA for action plan.

        • Duplication of activities in the same state by APAL, LEPRA, NLR, DFIT. Let me know what is action plan and activities to be carried over the some states.eg. Sam Uttan- Bihar and please to take steps do not repeat the duplicate activities in the same states with many organisation

        • APAL is working individual not depend on any under organisation because of single donor.

        • APAL and ILEP to make the real collaboration not in paper.

        • ILEP members not mentioned APAL involvement in anywhere, they showing individual state leaders name only.



22nd September 2017

S-ILF & APAL Coordination meeting

The Coordination meeting in between APAL and S-ILF held at S-ILF held at World Wide Fund - (WWF), 172 B, Block 18, Lodhi Estate, Lodi Road, Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110003 on 22nd September 2017.

Mr.Tarun Das -Chairman S-ILF, Mr.Narsappa-President APAL, Dr.Derek.Lobo-S-ILF Board member, Ms. Supriya Banerji- S-ILF Board Member, Dr,P K Gopal-Senior Consultant APAL, Mr.Venugopal-Vice President APAL, Mr.Udaythakar-Advisor APAL, Mr.Sanjeev Mumar -S-ILF, Ms.Payal-S-ILF,Ms.Rama Gupta participated in the meeting.

From APAL Mr.Narsappa-President, Mr.Venugopal –Vice President, Dr.P.K.Gopal-Senior Consultant and Mr.Uday Thakar – Advisor and from S-ILF Mr.Tarun Das-Chairman, Mr.Sanjeev Kumar, Ms.Payal, Mr.Ramauttar were participated in the meeting.

The following points are discussed in the meeting:

       • Sharing of information ‎and regular interaction

        • Transparency in programmes implementation

        • Modifications in implementation methodology of Projects.

       • Identification of programmes to work together.

       • More involvement of APAL leaders in SILF programmes.

       • Formation of Coordination committee of APAL and SILF Board Members.



23-25 September 2017

2nd review meeting Grass Root Level programme

2nd Review meeting of Grass Root Level Programme was organized by APAL under the chairmanship of Mr. V. Narsappa and coordination of Mr.G. Venu Gopal. The following state of Bihar,odisha and Jharkhand were participated in the meeting.

Mr.Md.Jainuddin state leader of Jharkhand welcomed all participants. There are 12 members are participants are introduced themselves in the 2nd review meeting of Grass Root level they explained in colony wise presented the presentation. Each state leader is explained about Land rights, Toilets, electric city arrangements achievements.

In Bihar the additional activities:

In Bihar the additional activities:

n Odisha. Land Rights applied inception done by district authority. Approved by Municipality for Toilets, Road and House repairs etc. Old Age pension applied for 20 people and Enhanced from Rs 300/ to 500/-Pension.

In Jharkhand: The collected colony data information, Aadhar card & Disability certificate in some obtained. Houses repair and constructed Toilet is going on. Arranged 2 medical camps in a colony and supplied free of Medicine. Mr.Narsappa given vote of thanks.



26-28 September 2017

Field visit at Patna- Bihar colonies

The Association of People Affected by Leprosy team of Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal & Mr.Uday Thakar – Advisor visited the leprosy colonies with state leader of Mr.Kamlesh Divyadarshini along with Mr.Ramavaria Sah.

The Team has visited two colonies of Prem Nagar - Ram nagar Kusth Ashram and Ramnagar Kusth Ashram of Patna – Bihar. Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal organized the meeting at Prem Kusth Ashram, Patna. In the meeting Prem nagar Kusth ashram and Ramnagar Kusth Ashram colonies leaders and colony inmates are participated.

The colony leaders of Mr.Sauvaderkar Prasad – Premnagar Kusth ashram and Mr. Ram Pratap participated and shared their views to Mr.Narsappa, Mr.Kamlesh and Mr.Venugopal and they interacted with colony inmates. The APAL team has find out colony conditions and water problem, Electricity, toilets in both colonies.





4th Quarterly report from October to December 2017






3 to 5 October 2017

Human Rights review meeting at Hotel Sutrupati, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Association of People Affected by Leprosy organized Human Rights review meeting held at Hotel Sutrupati, Bhubaneswar, Odisha from 3rd to 5th October 2017.

Mr.Narsappa- President, Mr.Venugopal- Vice President, Mr.Uday Thakar – Advisor, Mr.Umesh Naya- State Leader Odisha, Mr.Kamlesh- Bihar State leader, Mr.Jainuddin- Jharkhand State leader, Mr.Rasul Mulla- State Leader Maharashtra, Mr.Nageswara Rao- State Leader Andhra Pradesh, Ms.Maya Ranevare-EC member APAL, Mr.Pawan Mazhi- Jharkhand were participated in the Human Rights Review meeting.

Ms. Maya Ranevare and Mr.Rasul Mulla have presented their achievement and they explained the method of solve the problem. Mr.Jainuddin and Mr.Umesh Nayak explained the their achievement


6 October 2017

NCPEDP meeting

NCPEDP has organized a meeting for preparatory plan to organize World Disability Day 2017. However, in order to plan and strategize for the Campaign as well as the WDD 2017 celebrations, NCPEDP need to have a meeting. Also, there have been several new developments that we need to discuss. Therefore, we will be organizing a one and a half day meeting on Friday, 6th and Saturday, 7th October, 2017. The schedule is as follows:

Mr.Narsappa has participated in the meeting and shared the views of Leprosy


27 October 2017

Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC) 2017 at Hotel Central Park, Old MLA quarters road, Hyderguda, Hyderabad.

The Leprosy Case Detection Campaigns (LCDC) is a flagship activity of the NLEP Programme to detect the hidden cases in the community. It is a unique initiative of its kind under NLEP, which will be implemented in high endemic districts of the country.

Dr.John Babu -State Leprosy Officer – Telangana state organized one day State level LCDC workshop on 27/10/2017 at 09.00 am, at the Hotel Central Park, Old MLA quarters road, Hyderguda, Hyderabad.

Mr.Narsappa- President of APAL, Mr.Ramesh- President of SLAP –TS, Mr.Janardharana Rddy Secretary of HKNS, Mr.Ashim Chowla – CEO of LEPRA Society and NLEP officials of all District Leprosy Officers and Para-Medical staff were participated in the meeting.

Dr.John Babu- State Leprosy officer Telangana welcomed the all participants and garland to Mahatma Gandhi’s photos and traditional lamb was lighted by VIPs.

Mr.Narsappa has spoken on this occasion Leprosy is not problem but disability is problem. Early detection is to prevent disability. Mr.Janardhana Reddy garu and Mr.Ashim Chowla has shared their experience in the meeting.


30 – 31 October 2017

LPEP held at Hotel Miramar, Daman on 30-31 Oct 2017.

End Term Evaluation and Planning Meeting of LPEP held at Hotel Miramar, Daman on 30-31 Oct 2017.

Inaugural session started with lighting lamp of the meeting for Dadra & Nagar Haveli (DNH) is completing 3 years successfully event at Daman. Welcome address given by Dr V K Das and Inaugural addressed by the Chief Guest Mr Sajjan Sing Yadav, Secretary Health, DNH. Opening remarks given by Dr Anil Kumar, DDG-L, Dr. M. A. Arif, NLR Foundation, Dr Nicole, WHO and Dr Liesbeth Mieras.

Dr Anil Kumar DDG-Leprosy has explained the National Policy regarding PEP. D. Liesbeth Mieras has told the minimal data set for LPEP program and over view of LPEP project – structure & most recent data presented by Dr.Manoj, SLO-DNH. Dr. Shweta Das has expressed this study had more lesson. learnt.



3 -5 November 2017

Fact Find visit by Dr.Nanri at Jharkhand

Jharkhand State: Mr.Takahiro Nanri visited Jharkhand for Fact Finding from 3 -5 November 2017, also preparation work of Mr.Sasakawa‘s visit in February 2018.

Mr.Takahiro Nanri had discussion with Jharkhand Govt. officials SLO, Director Social welfare, Addl Director of social welfare, Principal Secretary of Social welfare for enhancement of pension and Mr.Sasakawa's visit preparation work.

Along with Mr.Venugopal-Vice President, Mr.Uday Thakar – Advisor, Mr.Zianuddin- Stae leader and Dr.Sabir Hussain visited the Jharkhand for fact finding visit.



14-16 November 2017

Informal consultation on stopping discrimination and promoting inclusion

World Health organisation –SEARO has arranged the Informal consultation on stopping discrimination and promoting inclusion meeting in SEARO office, Delhi form 14 to 16 Nov 2017.

In Inaugural session Dr.Poonam Khetrapal Singh- Regional Director gives welcome and Inaugural address. Dr.P.V.Rangnanadha Rao- Technical Officer WHO-GLP has explained the Objectives and expected outcomes of Informal consultation.

His Excellency Sri. Saber H Chowdhary- MP former President Inter parliamentary Union gives Key note meeting. All Participants are introduced themselves. Dr.Wim Van Brakel-NLR/ITC,Professor Takahiro Nanri-Director SMHF, Dr. Pim Kuipers-ILEP, Ms.Nikita Sarah-TLM, Mr.John Kurian-Coordinator ILEP, Dr.Nazeen Anwar-Regional Advisor mental Health and Dr.Patanjali Nayar –Regional Advisor Disability prevention, injuries and rehabilitation are they given presentations their respective topics.

Mr.Narsappa has presented on Discrimination – Leprosy colonies and social integration process and barriers faced in accessing health care and welfare measures and his personal experience and Mr.Kofi Nyarko from Ghana also presented in the same topics.

Dr.Wim Van Brakel – NLR/ILEP & Ms.Jaysree Kunj –Goodbye Leprosy Trust India is moderator of Presentation Group work for National Programmes Managers India and Sudan.



21st to 23rd November 2017.

Annual Meeting of LPEP at Thailand

The Novartis Foundation has organized annual Review meeting on Leprosy Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (LPEP) Annual Meeting 2017 held at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand from
The objectives of the meeting reviewed and discussed with varied key stakeholders, the steps taken to-date in the LPEP implementing countries, and to look at the strategy moving forward. In particular, they shared and discussed 2017 achievements and lessons learned; review the LPEP interim data analysis as well as the proposed dissemination plan.

Lastly they defined the steps towards closing LPEP and the way forward. A meeting agenda followed shortly.

LPEP has completed 3 years treatment at Daman and with closing vote of thanks.



5-7 December 2017

National Leprosy Conference 2017 at Delhi

National Leprosy Conference 2017 from 5-7 December 2017 at Delhi The purpose of the conference is to bring all the stakeholders together, listen to each other, learn from each other and recommend measures to further improve the National Leprosy Eradication Program. All layers of implementers, persons affected by leprosy, national and international experts and support organizations will be expected to speak on the occasion. Discussions will be held to come out with relevant recommendations. The Theme of the conference is “Accelerating towards leprosy free India through Innovative Approaches”. After registration the inauguration programme was started. The first session “Nothing for us without us” Mainstreaming of persons affected by leprosy Chairperson: Ms. Jayashree, Board Member of AIFO. Co-Chairperson: Mr. Masato Seko, Nippon Foundation. Rapporteur: Ms. Deepika Karotia, Consultant, Central Leprosy Division.



19 & 20 December 2017

Women Empowerment Workshop

Women Empowerment Workshop organsied by APAL on 19th & 20th December at Hotel BASERA, Near Bus Stand, Fly over, RANCHI, Jharkhand. This workshop is a small gathering of 20 women from four states of Bihar , Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh Jharkhand.

The subject of Women & Health covered by Mrs. Aruna & Dr. Sabir Hussain.

Socio- Economic Empowerment of Women covered by Mrs. Pratibha, 2. Mrs. Meena Toppo If you say OK (Reserved) and Rights of Women by Advocate Manisa Rani, NGO & Goverment schemes by DR. Abhishek