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S.No Date Programme Description Remarks
January 2014
1 21st Jan’14 1st Executive Committee Meeting: Seven Executive members out of nine and two special invites were participated in the executive committee. As per Agenda discussed in the meeting of
  • Report on constitution of organisation,
  • Current situation of Society registration,
  • Bank account,
  • PAN card,
  • FCRA Status,
  • Present financial status,
  • Meeting with SILF,
  • To conduct 4 workshop associated by WHO-HR,
  • Involvement of His Holiness Dalai Lama- New Delhi visit.
2 22 -24 Jan’14 Karnataka -National SLO’s Conference

National State Leprosy Officers conference by Karnataka State Leprosy Officers with supported of WHO, ILEP, Central Leprosy Division- New Delhi. As a special invite of Mr.V.Narsappa, President- Association of People Affected by Leprosy exposed the APAL aims & objectives and ‘Issues relating to persons affected by Leprosy’

Dr.Sumana Barua Team Leader , WHO-Global Leprosy Programme, Dr.P.V.Ranganadha Rao, WHO-Global Leprosy Programme, 23 state Leprosy Officers, Dr.Micheal Sukumar-NLEP consultant, Dr.J.Subbanna-LEPRA Society Chief Executive Incharge, Dr.Arief. Dr,Noordeen, Dr.Mani Mozhi, Human Right commissioner were participated

3 30th Jan’14 Anti Leprosy week : Odisha LEPRA society and APAL organised the Leprosy walk – 2014 at Bubanshewar. College students, Nurses, Mr.Umesh Nayak, State Leader –Odisha and other colony leaders are walk participated in the Leprosy walk
February 2014
4 18-19 Feb’14 National Consultation for Rehabilitation of People affected by Leprosy

The two-day conference of stakeholders shared and discussed their thoughts, and provided an opportunity to input and strategize into the recommendations to be developed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment at Silver Oak, India Habitat centre, Delhi.

The conference with Rehabilitation service and early identification for Medical intervention, Therapeutic Interventions and Aids Appliances, Educational Rehabilitation Social and Psychological, Economic Empowerment, Rights and entitlements and Sharing of best practices and experiences from the field

Mr.Narsappa has presented on Social Stigma & Psychology and explained the required opportunity, Disability categories, Special guidelines for people affected by Leprosy, social stigma and Psychology
5 21st Feb’14 Bihar –Pension

Mr.Badrinathkumar Rane - Block Development Officer, Raxaul issued disability certificates and pension @ Rs 1500/- for 136 patients in 2 months Rs.3000/- to the biggest colony of Raxaul - Bihar state. There are 150 leprosy affected persons in the colony

Mr Rambarai Sah- Executive member of APAL with all his hard efforts the pension enhanced from Rs 200/- to Rs.1,500/- sanctioned by Bihar state Government

6 22nd Feb’ 14. Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smurthi

The Gandhi Smriti & Darshan, Rajghat in is organised Seva Yagya, an initiative to promote the Gandhian volunteer spirit for people with leprosy and showcase their talents and potential. The Seva Yagya will be organized to observe the Kasturba Nirvan Diwas

A dialogue will be organized where the people with leprosy will discuss their problems and concerns with other concerned people. The thrust will be to develop understanding on issues of inclusion and mainstreaming the persons with leprosy.

The objective of the Yagya is to highlight the work and efforts of people affected by leprosy and those who are cured.

March 2014
7 20th Mar’2014 His Holiness Dalai Lama New Delhi Visit:

Tibetan Spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama visited Tahirpur Leprosy colony of Kasturba Gram Kusht Ashram complex. The event organised by APAL & SILF

Dr.P K Gopal- President IDEA India, Mr.V.Narsappa, President, Mr.Venugopal Vice President, Executive members and Advisor Mr.Udya Thakar from APAL and Dr.Vineetha Shankar Director of SILF and her staff and other local colony people participated in the meeting. His Holiness Dalai Lama visited the Tahirpur Leprosy colony interacted with colony people.

The Spiritual leader His holiness Dalai Lama expressed his willingness to help leprosy patients over the next five years using the royalty his Trust receives from the sale of books written by him and also people spend money in luxuries way are foolish.

8 28-30 Mar’14 29th Biennial Conference of Indian Association of Leprologists (IAL) –“LEPCON 2014”

29th Biennial Conference of Indian Association of Leprologists (IAL) –“LEPCON 2014” was organized at PGIMER, Chandigarh

Behalf of APAL Mr.Venugopal, Vice President attended the presented the presentation on “Remaining challenges of People affected by Leprosy".

He has explained the importance of Medical Rehabilitation, Human Rights and Advocacy, Social stigma & Discrimination. Re-construction Surgery: Special Training for All surgeons on RCS, Trained Physiotherapy on Leprosy, Operation to be done in general OT

  • DPMR Programme
  • POID Camps at PHC Level
  • Ulcer management
  • Provision of MCR Foot wear
  • Reaction treatment (No TH Wards) &
  • Provision of disability certificate (issuing Under Orthopaedic Guidelines)
S.No Date Programme Description Remarks
April 2014
1 12th-13th April 2014 NCRPD Meeting

The National Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (NCRPD) invited the APAL held at USI Residency Resorts, New Delhi. In fact, the idea of a new law on disability came from a meeting of NCRPD

Mr.V.Narsappa, President of APAL mentioned that there are separate special guidelines to assess the disabilities like in visually disabled, Hearing impaired, orthopedically handicapped. There is a need to develop special guidelines exclusively for assessment of leprosy disabilities (including Loss of Sensation).

Inauguration session was started. Welcome address by Mr.Javed Abidi Director of NCRPD

2 16th April 2014 Odisha State NLEP review meeting

Odisha state conducted NLEP review meeting held at LEPRA office, Bhubaneswar,. In the meeting Public health Director, Join Director -cum-SLO, Deputy Director Leprosy, Regional Director,-LEPRA, HKNS Secretary, Dr. S.N. Pati- NLEP Consultant, Mr. Umesh Chandra Nayak-APAL State leader, Mr. Eswar Rao-PT LEPRA All District Leprosy officers are participated.

During the meeting the follow points are discussed.

  • Mr.Sasakawa Visit
  • NLEP Programme in Odisha
  • New NGO’s scheme , etc.
3 19th – 20th April 2014 Right to health of persons with disabilities’

HRLN in partnership with the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD) and the National Alliance on Access to Justice for persons living with Mental illness (NAAJMI) is organising a two days National consultation on ‘right to health of persons with disabilities’ held at the Vishwa Yuva Kendra, Chanakya puri, New Delhi

Welcome address by Mr.Rajiv Raturi of Director HRLN and introduction to consultation of meeting. Jayna Kothari, Centre for law and policy Bangalore has explained the background situation of Right to Health to PWD act.

May 2014
4 21st May 2014 POID Evaluation Disseminations

Prevention of deformity and prevention of worsening deformity is most important aspect in NLEP. Hence FAIRNMED in co-ordination with RISDT in East Godavari & GRETNALTES in Guntur districts implemented POID project.

The POID Evaluation Dissemination programme conducted at Directorate, Hyderabad. Dr.J.Ravi Prasad welcomed all dignities who attended the POID Evaluation dissemination programme.

Dr.B.Raja Rao, Medical Superintendent of RISDT has explained the goal of POID project and importance of activities of POID camps at village level with collaboration of PHC staff. Mr.John Kurian George Director of Swiss Emmaus, Chennai Dr.Tarachand Naidu, State Leprosy Officer, AP, Dr.B.Raja Rao, Dr.Uma Devi, ADMHO Guntur & Dr. Pavan Kumar- ADMHO East Godavari shared their experience

5 23rd May 2014 Delhi SLO NLEP Review Meeting

Delhi State Leprosy Officer conducted review meeting at Directorate of Health Services to review the present activities and to prepare action plan-2014-15. During the meeting Delhi SLO review the DLOs achievements their respective areas.

All DLOs and other staff attended and read out their reports. The SLO asked the DLOs to speed up their activities for good results in detection of new cases, treatment, RCS etc. Mr.Venugopal also explained about our organization and our expectations from DLOs and leprosy control unit of Delhi.

6 23rd May 2014 APSLO NLEP Review meeting

Andhra Pradesh state Leprosy Officer conducted review meeting at central Hotel, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad.

All district Leprosy Officers (ADM&HOs), Dr.J.Subbanna-Deputy I/c CEO LEPRA, Dr.Micheal Sukumar – LEPRA, Mr.V.Narsappa-APAL, Mr.Sathyanrayana - SLAP, Dr.Ananth Reddy- Sivanada Rehabilitation Home Kukatpally, Dr.Krishana Murthy Medical Officer DLRC and other NLEP staff attended the meeting.

Dr.Tarachand Naidu has explained the achievements of Andhra Pradesh activities and last meeting of the Andhra Pradesh meeting. Shortly the Andhra Pradesh state will be separated 2 regions as Telangana & Seemandra. All ADM&HOs presented their district achievements by presentation and Mr.V.Narsappa has presented APAL activities and Human Rights.

7 24th May 2014 HKNS Review Meeting

HKNS contacted consultation meeting with Leprosy Affected Persons and member of leprosy Institution on at Auditorium, Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital and Research Centre, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the identified issues and possible solution for leprosy in terms of case detection, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

Additional Director of leprosy Dr. Tarachand Naidu and NLEP staff, Mr.Narsappa-President of Association of People Affected by Leprosy Mr.Ashim Chowla- CEO LEPRA Society , Dr.J.Subbanna- Deputy CEO LEPRA Society, Mr.Janardhan Reddy- HKNS members, HLC & HS staff, Dr.Ananth Reddy Team- Shivanadna Rehabilitation Home Kukatpally, Mr.Kumar vel-Word & Deed and DLO- Ranga Reddy dist. NLEP staff& Mr.Sathynarayana-President of SLAP participated in the meeting.

8 28th & 29th May 2014 NLEP - Review meeting for SLO’s of High endemic States

NLEP - Review meeting for SLO’s of High endemic States conducted at Pune. All State Leprosy officers presented the presentation on his state performances of Action taken on recommendation of last SLO conference held at Bangalore in January 2014,

  • Physical & financial Progress,
  • Action plan 2014-15,
  • Proposed interventions during the year 2014-15.

Mr.Bhimarao Madhale has explained on Programme Progress of APAL’ of DPMR activities at PHC level and MCR footwear to get very difficult in personal basis measurement and periodically, delay NLEP staff appointment, TH Wards are not functioning, Ulcer material not issued in some states. Patients are not getting general treatment in govt. Hospitals especially disability patients. He had concluded in early case detection before disability

Dr.C.M.Agarwal-DDGL, Dr.S.P.Sood, Dr.Vivek Lal, Dr.R.N.Sabat, Dr.Arif, Dr.Milnd Chavan, Dr.J.B.Singh, Dr.M.L.Gokak, All state Leprosy Officers were attended the review meeting

Additional Director of leprosy Dr. Tarachand Naidu and NLEP staff, Mr.Narsappa-President of Association of People Affected by Leprosy Mr.Ashim Chowla- CEO LEPRA Society , Dr.J.Subbanna- Deputy CEO LEPRA Society, Mr.Janardhan Reddy- HKNS members, HLC & HS staff, Dr.Ananth Reddy Team- Shivanadna Rehabilitation Home Kukatpally, Mr.Kumar vel-Word & Deed and DLO- Ranga Reddy dist. NLEP staff& Mr.Sathynarayana-President of SLAP participated in the meeting.

7June 2014
9 8th June 2014 IPH Meeting

A Meeting with Institute of Physical Handicapped (IPH) under (Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India) on at IPH office. Mr.Venugopal-Vice president of APAL attended the meeting with Mr.R.K.Sharma, Asst. Professor/Administrative Officer, TLM representative also participated in the meeting. He has furnishing below the details of meeting.

The director of IPH had a meeting 3 days back with the Secretary of Social Justice Ministry and had discussions to add the needs of physically handicapped people in the 100 days’ work plan of the Ministry. Mr.Venugopal has explained him about our organization and asked him to invite us to know the cross root level facts and living standards. He accepted and promised to invite us in further meetings.

They added about the colony people is mainly land allocation and sanitation only. I suggested the following points about which Sharma agreed and assured to have after having discussions with the Director

10 10th to 12th June 2014 Leprosy Post –Exposure

Leprosy Post –Exposure Prophylaxis inception workshop held at ELMI Hotel, Surabaya, Indonesia organised by Netherland Leprosy Relief.

Inaugurated of the workshop by Prof.Dr.Agus - Director General, Directorate for CDC&E, Ministry of Health, Indonesia, Dr.Khanchit- WHO representative, Head Provincial health Office East Java, Dr.Ann Aerts – Head Novartis Foundation, Swatzerland, Mr.Jan van Berkel Director of NLR- Netharland

Dr.Wim Van Brakel has explained the important of workshop for new approach for leprosy control Programme

Mr.Narsappa-President of Association of People Affected by Leprosy raised some question of

  • Without skin smear how can diagnose the cases and classified the types and RFT ?
  • During the treatment patient suffering from Reaction, who is the response to take care?
  • Prophylaxis treatment given to family members, surrounding neighbours and office staff will acceptable?
  • The patient how long to take Prophylaxis treatment.

11 18thJune 2014 SERP-CEO

Mr.Narsappa-President APAL, Mr.G.Sathynaryana- Andhra Pradesh State Leader of APAL and President SLAP met Mr.Rajashekar- IAS, SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty), regarding pending pensions for leprosy affected persons due to bio-metric. They have explained the situation of colonies people without thumb impression to get pension.

Mr.Rajashekar IAS promised to sanction pending pension for leprosy affected persons without bio-metric. Mr.Ramesh-Secretary and Mr.Subba Rao-Treasurer of SLAP also went to SERP office.

12 24th June 2014 Bihar State-Pension

Bihar State leader Mr.Kamalesh and Executive member Mr.Rambaraiah had discussion with Bihar Government to get pension for our people living in the colonies. They both are happy to inform that recently our affected persons of Bihar state have started getting newly made leprosy Pension.

After elections Leprosy Affected Persons of Gaya, Patna, Sitamarhi, East Champaran, Nalanda have received their pension and felt them very happy and satisfied.

In other districts the matter is in process and we are involved in it seriously

S.No Date Programme Description Remarks
July 2014
1 10th July 2014 DDIPH Meeting

Mr.Venugopal Vice President-APAL went to Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped (P.D.U.I.P.H) is an autonomous organisation under the administrative and financial control of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India at his premises to discus with Mr.Rajnish Sharma, Asst. Professor regarding Colony’s needs.

Mr.Venugopal met Mr.Rajnish Sharma handed over the Delhi High Court order which he wants to produce as an example to Central Welfare Ministry to make land allocations to the colonies all over India. He has explained the situation of colonies in India, nobody have ownership of land and basic needs of amends of road, Sanatorium of Toilets, Electricity, Drinking water etc

2 11th July 2014 LEPRA Society Silver Jubilee

Behalf of Association of People Affected by Leprosy- APAL, Mr.Venugopal –Vice President participated LEPRA Society celebrating Silver Jubilee celebrations at New Delhi at India Habitat Centre.

Mr. Alok Mukhopadhyay CEO Voluntary Health Association of India, Dr. VM Katoch - Director General ICMR, Mr. Phillip Lloyd, Ms. Meena Gupta -Chairman LEPRA Society participated in the celebration

It is totally focused on their services and the present conditions of leprosy in India and need of services.

3 11th July 2014 Odisha NLEP Review

Odisha State NLEP review meeting contacted held at LEPRA Regional office, Bhubaneswar. Jt Director, Dy Director, AO, Dr. S.N. Pati, Consultant, Mr. Umesh Chandra Nayak, State-leader, APAL, Honorary, Secretary, HKNS, State Branch, Director, RLTRI, Aska are participated in the review meeting.

  • Discussion on proposed Odisha Health System Program support for the year 2014-15.
  • Training plan for the year 2014-15.
  • Finalization of monthly activity report of DLCs.
  • Finalization of operational areas of Physio-technicians.

4 18th July 2014 His Holiness & Sasakawa Education fund

Discussion on the proposal of His Holiness & Sasakawa Education Scholarship Fund held at SILF Office. Mr. Masato Seko, TNF, Dr. P.K. Gopal, IDEA INDIA, Dr. Vineeta Shanker,S-ILF, Mr. V. Narsappa, Chairman, APAL and Mr. Venugopal, Vice – President, APAL.

His Holiness Dalai Lama made a tentative commitment to provide a similar account for four additional years, subject to availability of funds from the royalty of his book. TNF proposed that this fund be used for the education of students from leprosy colonies and requested S-ILF to be the implementing agency for the scholarship.

The details of the scholarships would be worked out between TNF, APAL and S-ILF

5 25th July 2014 NLR Meeting

Mr.Venugopal VP –APAL attended the meeting with Dr. Arif and Dr. Miglani at NLR office.

The discussions took place on future plans. A concept of joint activities explained by Dr Arif in 6 states they are working. A meeting of 4 persons from 6 states leaders, board members, state welfare officers and NLR shall be arranged.

A road map of the needs of states shall be chalked out together. Working areas of NLR and APAL shall be marked. Work plan shall be drawn. NLR shall work to avail funds for the meeting. Further rising of funds for activities shall be discussed.

August 2014
6 1st August 2014 WHO –SEARO Meeting –New Delhi

Mr. Narsappa, Mr.Venugopal and 2 local members of colonies Delhi M. Kadir and Mrs. Babli were attended the informal meeting with WHO SEARO at New Delhi. Dr Panikar, Dr Barua and Dr. Ranganadha Rao were attended on behalf of WHO.

The subject was including of people affected in planning and implementing leprosy services in Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-20 & in 5 year plan of Govt of India and to hear the views and suggestions of representatives of affected people.

The views and suggestions of us are:

  • Involvement of people affected in programs at the initiative stage is only to fulfil the guidelines and still we are sitting in back bench.
  • We are not treating as partners but as a receiving end by all. APAL is our representative organization and working with strong network.
  • We are capable to plan, implement and monitor any activity. Whatever program implemented by any agency our state leaders are working at the bottom level without any identification of them or APAL. By the support of Mr Sasakawa and guidance of Dr P K Gopal now we are on a single platform and capable to achieve our goal.

7 13th August 2014 APAL Informal Meeting

APAL informal meeting held at Hotel Swagath before Executive meeting and plan for activities to be covered in coming months. Mr.Narsappa-President, Mr.Venugopal Vice President Dr.P.K.Gopal – Senior Consultant and Mr. Uday Thakar – advisor participated and planned the meeting/training schedules

8 19th August 2014 NLEP Meeting

NLEP quarterly review meeting held at National Head Quarter of HKNS conference hall, Red Cross Bhawan, New Delhi.

Behalf of APAL Mr.Venugopal has participated the NLEP quarterly review meeting.

The SLO Dr. Bhagotia, all DLOs and medical staff of Delhi Leprosy Cell attended the NLEP review meeting. Dr.P.V.Ranganadha Rao and Mrs. Rasmi Shukla from World Health Organisation (WHO) were present in the meeting.

All the DLOs presented their work reports. Mr.Venugopal has suggested to involve leprosy affected persons in NLEP were asked by Dr. Bhagotia and my suggestions were as fallows;

9 28th August 2014 TRG Meeting

Sixth meeting of the Technical Resource Group (TRG) on National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) was held on 28th August 2014 at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Dr. S. K. Noordeen, Former Director, Global Leprosy WHO.

Mr.Narsappa participated in the meeting and raises the issue of result of the cases who had undergone RCS. He was informed that the Association Members may assess the result of RCS conducted in person affected and intimate the results as patient satisfaction level to the state Leprosy officers and to the Central Leprosy Division.

The following points are discussed

  • Campaign approach like the Modified Leprosy Elimination Campaign conducted earlier during 1997 to 2004, should be carried out in the identified high endemic districts. Such campaign should be conducted once in 2 years. Such campaign should specially focus in the Tribal, other neglected areas and Urban slum population. In addition to Active house to house search for new cases, intensive IEC with emphasis on involvement of political leaders and Administrative persons, community leaders should be part of the campaign.
  • NLEP should process for use of UMDT for MB and PB, shortening the duration of treatment to six months.
  • Grade II disability amongst New cases is about 4%. This situation should be examined at state level. Those states where the rate is high should be focused for action to reduce Gr. II disability, through better programme implementation.

September 2014
10 10th September 2014 International conference discussion

Mr.Venugopal participated in the discussion of International conference for initiate the preliminary consultation processes and formulates the frame work at Ministry of Social Welfare for handicapped of PDUIPH Office New Delhi.

11 14th September 2014 3rd APAL Executive Board meeting

APAL 3rd Executive meeting held on 14th September 2014 at Hotel Swagath Grand, Hyderabad. Mr.Motoyama-Programme Officer TNF Japan, Dr.PK Gopal- Senior Consultant, Mr.Narsappa- President, Mr.Venugopal-Vice President and Executive members and Advisor participated in the meeting.

During the meeting they discussed the future Plan and activities and following points.

  • Development of new Web of APAL
  • Updates on-
    • Human Right Cell for 7 states.
    • Grass root level programme for 3 states.
    • Youth programme
    • State leaders funding
    • Development of APAL literature and brochure
  • Routine Activity
    • North & South State Leaders Meeting.
    • To fix up the dates of meeting with SILF
    • To fix up the dates of ILEP & WHO meeting.
    • To fix up the dates of Trainers Training Programme

12 15th September 2014 1st South State Leaders Meeting

APAL conducted the 1st South State Leaders meeting on 15th September 2014 at Hotel Swagath Grand, Hyderabad. The State Leaders of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal Tamil Nadu participated in the meeting.

Mr.Motoyama-TNF, Mr.Narsappa –President, Mr.Venugopal- Vice president , Dr.P.K.Gopal- -Senior Consultant , Mr.Uday Thakar –Advisor and executive members are involved the programme. All State leaders are presented the activities by presentation.

Mr.Narsappa. Mr.Venugopal & Mr.Uday thakar analysed the activities in state wise. Mr.Venugopal interacted with state leaders for pending activities. Mr.Uday thakar has explained the how to do the Human rights cases.

13 16th September 2014 LEPRA Society MoU meeting

LEPRA Society has given support to 4 states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh forums for advocacy programme. In this regard Dr P K Gopal-Senior Consultant, Mr.Narsappa-President, Mr.Venugopal- Vice President, Mr.Udyathakar- Advisor and AP, Bihar, MP & Odisha states Leaders participated and presented their respective state activities in the meeting

Both organisations had healthy discussion on support on advocacy programme and Human rights cases for 4 states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh on future plan.

14 North state Leaders meeting 23rd September 2014

AAPAL India conducted 1st North State Leaders meeting held on 23rd September at The Leprosy Mission Media centre, Noida, New Delhi. Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh state leaders and APAL President , Vice President, Senior consultant, Advisors are participated in the North State Leaders meeting.

The state Leaders presented the presentation of their respective state activities.

S.No Date Programme Description Remarks
July 2014
1 7th to 9th October 2014 Human Rights Cell training programme

The Human Rights training programme was organised by Association of People Affected by Leprosy held on 7th to 9th October 2014 at Centre for youth and Social Development (CYSD) –Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

31 Select candidates from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha were trained on Human Right Cell. 8 persons facilitated by Committee for Legal Aid to Poor (CLAP).

Dr. Bikash Das has given lecture on Broad Understanding of Human Right, Prof. Prabir Pattanaik has taken on Civil and Political Human Rights, Prof. P.K. Sarkar on Social, Economic and Cultural Human Rights, Pramoda Kishore Acharya has taken on Constitution and Function of National Human Right Commission, Ms.Namrata Chadha, H.B. Das has explained on Laws Relating to Human Rights.

Mr.Narsappa-President, Mr.Venugopal- Vice President, Mr.Uday thakar –Advisor is participated in the meeting. Vote of thanks by Mr.Venugopal Vice President of APAL

2 3rd- 4th Nov 2014 Grass root level Training Programme

Grass root level Training Programme was organized at Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi, Jharkhand on 3rd & 4th November 2014. 18 participants from 3 states namely Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand. The main purpose of workshop was to make aware participants about-

1. How to understand and identify problems at grass root level.
2. How to collect information and reporting in format..
3. How to analysis to data with particular issue. .
4. How to prepare application of demand to be submitted to district authority..
5. How to fill up application form under different Government schemes.

3 Meeting with Respected Chief Minister:

Shri Akhilesh Yadav, Mr. Narsappa, President, APAL, Mr. Murari Singh, State Leader, Uttar Pradesh along with Mr. Yohie Sasakawa, Good Will Ambassador, WHO called upon Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav issues of

  • Pension Enhancement ,
  • Land Patta and
  • Educational Scholarship was discussed.
  • Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav responded positively.

4 Midterm Evaluationof NLEP programme

Midterm Evaluation of NLEP programme of Government of India. Mr. V. Narsappa, Mr. U.H. Thakar participated in the meeting organized by WHO and Government of India, Central Labour Division, Delhi.

70 experts in the field of leprosy participated in the meeting. Dr.Krishna Murthy presented interim report on mid-tern evaluation. Mr. Narsappa spoke in Hindi which was translated in English by Dr.P.V.Ranganatha Rao

5 Met His Excellency Governor of Uttar Pradesh

The meeting with His Excellency Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shir Ram Niakji was very fruitful and Governor has given 1 hour for discussion of issues of Affected Persons in Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Dayalu Prasad , Mr. Murari Singh and Mr. Yohie Sasakawa, Good Will Ambassador, WHO and his team was present at the meeting.

6 22nd Nov 2014 Meeting for His Holiness Dalailama & Sasakawa Education fund

The team members of APAL, SILF and The Nippon Foundation called upon His Holiness Dalai Lama on 22.11.2014 at New Delhi to get his blessing for the programme to be organized meeting with Health Secretary, Government of India. Mr. Luv Verma. Mr. Yohie Sasakawa, Good Will Ambassador, WHO, APAL President Mr.Narsappa and other dignitaries had meeting with Health Secretary Mr. Verma.

During the discussion Secretary informed that Government is committed to bring down leprosy burden 1 case per 1,00,000 population and also no child case with the deformity. Team appreciated the efforts of Indian Government.

7 24th Nov 2014 Meeting with Respected Prime Minister Shri Narednra Modiji

Meeting with Respected Prime Minister Shri Narednra Modiji on 24th November 2014 at his PM office, New Delhi. Mr.Sasakawa and Mr.Narsappa requested the Basic needs of People affected by Leprosy at colonies.

The Prime Minister expressed deep appreciation for Mr. Sasakawa`s personal commitment to the cause of eradication of leprosy, both in India and across the world.

8 12-13 Dec 2014 APAL Executive meeting

4th Executive Committee Meeting of APAL India was organized at Raipur, Chhattisgarh to discuss

1. The budget for year 2015-2016.
2. Action plan for January 2015 to March 2015.
3. Also other programmes like Website development, Grass root level and Human Right Cell follow up programme, International conference on ‘Best Global Practices for rehabilitation of people affected by leprosy’.

All the 9 Executive Committee Members were present. Dr.P.K.Gopal, Mr. Takahiro Nanri and Mr. Uday Thakar were also present.

9 14th Dec 2014 Chhattisgarh State & Colony leaders meeting

Chhattisgarh State Leader and Colony Leader meeting was organized under the Chairmanship of Shri Vishwanath Ingale. 36 participants from 12 colonies of Chhattisgarh attended the meeting. Issues related to problems of leprosy colonies rehabilitation of affected persons in the Society and enhancement of the pension was discussed in the meeting.